It Is About an Amazing Opportunity to a Better Health And a Wealthier Life Style,

Through 100% organic products with high value in health, rejuvenation, anti-aging, immune boosting and disinfectants, for personal and animal care

These 100% ORGANIC PRODUCTS offer the best of cellular nutrition for the body.

With over 200 patent products to our Aloe Vera Based Supplement line, we own our farms in which our aloe Vera plants, herbal and medicinal plants and our bee–hive products are grown and harvested.

Health & Wealth

We own our processing facilities,

Which we use in processing these raw farm products,
to finished consumable products.

processing facilities farmland

We own the packaging facilities,

Which we use in packaging our finished products.
We own the transportation facilities which we use in distributing our products to over 165 countries worldwide.

worldwide operation

We own over a thousand offices in various cities around the world where our esteemed sophisticated customers get to enjoy our exclusive premium products.

forever Direct

Our products ranges include:



Quick learning

Increased strength

Sharp memory

Speedy recovery

Improved agility and youthful looks

Helps maintain natural energy levels.

Increased sexuality, improved brain function, and so many other health benefits

And also product packs to help overcome and prevent aliments like, Dementia






Prostate enlargement and cancer

Weak erection, and low libido




Eyes defects

Low immunity, fatigue, weight management challenges and various other health challenges.

How does it work?

How Does it Work

These Products are of the Highest Quality in the World Today,

Because we set the industry standards. We allow our products to be experienced first-hand by our enthusiastic business owners. Our users and business owners, are always excited with the health benefits they experience whenever they use these products. As they share the benefits they experience from the use of these products, forever business owners harness the opportunity to build a massive network of people using these products on a global level.

The awareness and sales of these amazing nutritional aloe based products, is done via a network marketing structure, which allows consumers of the products to build a team of people using, and sharing these nutritional products.

This system is how we reward our esteemed consumers/customers, who enjoy the use of these product, and happily share their experience of using the best range of nutritional, personal care, weight management, and health care products with others.


It has to do with amazing health products that are used to enhanced health benefits, and the benefits of the products shared with friends, family and others. Resulting in inflow of profits, extra bonuses and company incentives. Because you buy from the company at wholesale price, and sell to the customers, at retail price.



By introducing anyone in the world (whose life ideals resonates with quality of life in health and lifestyle, ready to help support and help others live their dreams,) into the business.

You are paid by the company what we call distributors' profits that would have been used for advertisement warehousing and Middle men agency fees, are paid to you the loyal customer and brand ambassador, because you are a worthy Solution Provider in this unprecedented time, where lots of people don't have this unique drive or inspiration.

Because You do more, and help people assess these amazing products, you become a Forever Business Owner (FBO).

become an FBO


it’s an opportunity to build a team of people who are using products, and sharing products with others, and the company pays you monthly leveraged bonuses, which increases monthly. There is a marketing plan that explains the details of the bonus payments.

Grow a team


Qualify for the company incentives, such as chairman’s bonus, earned incentives like the car incentives, free exotic international travels.

Grow a team


You are provided with 10 multiple streams of incomes.

Grow a team

How is the money made?

As you use and share the products, you are compensated on multi-levels, with up to about 48% of the retail price of the total amount of products that is used in your network.

The bigger your network, which includes both those you share the products with, and those they share the products with and so on and so forth, the bigger the amount of compensation.

Compensations are earned from over 160 different countries in their foreign currency. Some financial benefits which we get from using and sharing forever living products are:

(1) Free cars:

This is an incentive where by you qualify for any brand new car of your choice every 3 years.
Car Bonus Car Bonus

(2) Free travels around the world.

Through this incentives, you (& your chosen partner) are opportune to a Minimum of 2 international travels and many domestic travels yearly.

Car Bonus Car Bonus Car Bonus

(3) 6 figure income monthly:

You have the opportunity to build a business producing 6 figure income monthly.

6 Figure Income

(4) Profit share bonus qualification:

You are able to share the company’s profit with them which can rank from thousands, to hundreds, to millions of dollars.

Profit Share Profit Share

You also get to enjoy time freedom with your family/loved ones and attend to those life areas that really matters to you, which comes as a result of the financial freedom begotten from this amazing business opportunity.


Any business has cash flow analysis.
This cash flow explains the amount of money invested in 3 consecutive months and the money is invested in premium products/ commodities of high value for use as health benefits (supplements).

It also explain what is paid back to you from the company when you bring in 5 friends to buy products to use like you did same month. That ends month 1 activities.

The 15th of the next month marks payment of compensation in form of Bonus and new distributor’s profits into your account.

Profit Share

if In month 1, you invest N409,000 and your return on invest N478,000.

In Month 2, you invest N369,488 and you get N1.884M.

You can see the beauty of the system.
You invested less but you get close to N2M.

The reason being that leveraging has started with your enlarged team.

Month 3 you invest N369,488 and return on investment will be about N8,664,558


At this stage, from month 2 other company INCENTIVES such as Car earned incentives, international free travels and the biggest of the incentives, chairman's bonus are part of the benefits to be qualified for. This phenomenal American based global company is 45years in the fast growing wellness industry. It is consistently growing financially, recession proof and operating in more than 160 leading countries with owned offices globally. We also have offices in major cities in Nigeria. I know this is a company you can trust.

This is our 23nd year in Nigeria.

This package is purely for business minded people. But be assured that you are hoping to be in business for yourself but not by yourself because you will be given all the training supports to make your biz get off the ground quickly

Finally, like in Robett Kiyosaki cash flow quadrant this biz model takes anyone from the left hand side to the RICH side where you first become a BUSINESS OWNER and finally become an INVESTOR.

Profit Share

Your greatest success assurance is that you are flowing with the paradigm shift where you are effectively combining the 3 biggest biz trends of the moment. - working in the health and wellness sector - using the multi-level marketing biz model and - utilizing the digital, internet, social media platforms and e-commerce approach

Profit Share

You also get to enjoy time freedom with your family/loved ones and attend to those life areas that really matters to you, which comes as a result of the financial freedom begotten from this amazing business opportunity.

All these make you an INTELLIGENT ENERPRENUER of today



This is An Opportunity of A Lifetime.

business pro

Business Combo pack and Auto system tool kit

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Profit Share

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